warning: explicit slug genitals

(I am not kidding:  these guys may have the most explicit genitals in the whole of the animal kingdom.)

Behold, The Great Grey Slug! (I always love animals with titles, though they’re also called “leopard slugs” or “tiger slugs”.)  The following video, narrated by the godfather of nature show hosts, Sir David Attenborough, is both the most disgusting and the most beautiful thing you are likely to see today.  As noted, it contains graphic mollusk sex, an act which takes place at the end of a foot-long mucus tether, so you might not want to watch while you’re eating.

(via Zooillogix)


3 Responses

  1. holy crap

  2. I know, right?

  3. […] I guess the real question is, can these guys put together enough money to but a drug villa in Mexico before various copyright holders descend upon them like a plague of sexy, sexy locusts? […]

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