my fears were completely unfounded

Fifth of February, Two-Thousand and Ten: Rene Engstrom’s beautiful, sad, funny, disturbing web-opus, Anders Loves Maria, has ended.  If you haven’t been reading it, for the love of God, do not jump straight to the end.  Start here (and be aware that it is not safe for work, not safe for kids, not safe to read around your parents–sex, nudity, bad decisions, pain, and heartbreak abound).

Much could be said about Anders Loves Maria.  Much has been said.  All I will add right now is this:  it is a mark of pure artistry that, upon finishing the strip, the simple act of looking back at the title re-contextualizes everything, and makes you want to just cry (more so than you did just a second before).

Kudos, Rene.


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