exploded in strange appendages


Just read through the entire archive of a webcomic called Astray3, by Eldon Cowgur–it’s excellent.  It’s the story of a young woman pulled into a fantastic (and often horrific) alternate universe populated by a panoply of monsters.  I know, I know, you’ve heard that one before, but the story is in the telling, and Astray3 is told with relish and care, not to mention talent.

The whole series has a genuine Early Marvel feel to it, from the constant chatter of dialogue, to the rollicking pace, to the never-ending stream of bizarre creatures.  Emily, our heroine, has a real Stan Lee accent, talking herself (and us) through every situation, adapting nonchalantly to her new lifestyle, and spilling our her every thought for all to see.  A lot of people have tried to imitate that classic style, but such attempts usually fall flat, reading as bland parodies or cloying nostalgia pieces–but Cowgur nails it.  The writing is sincere and engaging, holding up better than a lot of those old Marvel stories do, and the art is spot on, fulled to the brim with new and weird in every panel.  

Astray3 seems to keep a solid weekly schedule (I say, having just read it all at once), and I’m hoping it’ll stick around.  Go ahead and check it out, True Believers.