Ladies and Gentlemen, in honor of the blessed occasion of Easter, The Elephant is proud to present to you: THE BILBY.


THE BILBY is a marsupial, native to (unsurprisingly) Australia, and is a close relative of the bandicoot*.  It does all the things you’d expect a demented-looking marsupial to do: burrow, eat bugs, breed rapidly, become endangered… but unlike other marsupials, THE BILBY (whose name should always be spoken with the definite article, and a certain degree of gusto) is helping Asutralia by competing with invasive species–not for food or habitat, but for air time.


That’s right, this rabbit-eared, long-snouted rat-beast is being promoted as an Australian replacement for the Easter Bunny, that jolly holiday icon whose prolific kin are slowly destroying the Australian countryside.  I do not know whether THE Easter BILBY is meeting with a lot of success, but we here at The Elephant offer him our full support: if THE BILBY can go ten rounds in a snuggle-off with a creature widely held up as the international standard for cute, then there is hope for the rest of us.  God speed, THE BILBY.  May your light show us the way.

(* Sorry, here’s the actual bandicoot.)